Friday, October 29, 2010

FuzzBuzz: The Joker

Dear world,
When Bear became BatDog, everyone raved. So I thought I needed a complimentary look. At first I thought it would make sense for me to be the Boy Wonder. But then I thought ...everyone thinks I am like a clown, so why not be the Joker? (I will be a nice Joker though. ) So Mom got me the Joker vest and coat. Very cool. But when she tried to put the Joker mask on me I howled and said Nooooooooooo! I really need to put my paw down sometimes with Mom.


  1. Oh those darn oomans and their wanting to dress us up all the time. he he - you are cute as a joker tho.

  2. Great costume dude! The Joker is my dads favorite... why didn't I think of that?!

  3. Doze hyoomans dont unnerstand dat we anipals dont alwayze wanna do wut they want us to do! Yoo are a gweat joker! I fink u and Bear compliment one another just purrfectly!

  4. I think you look adorable and your mom is having too much fun at your expense. Who needs TV anymore.

  5. Aw you both looks so good in your kostoomz, I duzn't blame you abowt teh mask but you gotta admit that Bear looks pawsome an misteareous in hims mask. Hoppy Halloweenies to you an your mom an dad!