Thursday, October 14, 2010

The laundry

Dear world,
I know Mom finds folding laundry very boring. So it got me to thinking. Maybe I could make it more interesting for her by having her throw me my ball at the same time. I kept on putting it down next to her and she didn't even look at it. So I put it in the basket. That worked. She picked up the ball and threw it. Yes! I thought it would make her smile. Nope. Opposite. She told me I cant put my dirty saliva filled ball on her clean clothes. Gosh! I was just trying to help.
Love always,


  1. oh Bear - you are so cute. Hurmpf - I just don't get oomans at at all - here you were even giving your mom the ball, and she still not play with you.

  2. humans are very hard to train.
    you keep putting the ball with saliva on the basket till she throws the ball without you having to put it on the basket.
    You look very helpful in this picture. I don't know what's mom problem with you ;)

  3. that ball looks very clean compared to the tennis balls i have that are all dirty from my rolling on them in the dirt and on the fields! tell mom she's lucky you gave her a CLEAN ball to play with...hee hee...u iz very innocent in this matter, I agree and support you 100%! xo Buzzy

  4. BearBearD!!! You are doing a fine job?Ask Mom 2 Buy you white tennis balls that will blend with white laundry & then pink, blue, green tennis balls That will also blend with colored laundry!
    Also tell my MOM your balls needed to be washed & Thats why you drooped them in laundry basket?

    You a very clean doggy. and very neat!
    Washing tennis balls is a good thing..

  5. hehe yew weer beein a purfek angel i know... mums need egsersyze wif throwin yew th ball!

  6. Oh, poor Bear. I'm sure Mom throws your ball for you lots. My little Tinker brings her ball to us all of the time. She drops it near our feet, the chair or anywhere that we might be.
    You're so cute. I know she can't resist you.