Friday, October 15, 2010

FuzzBuzz: An itch

Dear world,
Sometimes I get an itch. Often, right behind my ear. It is not an easy place for me to scratch. And it seems that every time I just get my paw exactly where I need it, I hear my Mom saying "Stop Fuzzy!" It is SO frustrating. Why can't I just scratch an itch when I need to! At least Mom sometimes comes over and tries to scratch for me. But why is it OK for her to scratch me but not me? I don't get it.


  1. Itz cuz Mom'z know best Fuzz. Itz just a fact uv lyfe dat dey neber explain, but dey do try to do whatz best fur us!

  2. Moms scratch dogs itches & also R ear itchs? Molly's tail itched yesterday?Mom scratched her tail! Mom's know how to do it right with out scraping our skin!! They R afraid that r nails will sratch us they love 2 scratch us gentle. So fuzz there ya have it!

    xoxoxxoxo Gracie,Max,Molly & Harley

  3. I don't agree with tikka2 or Furbabys :)

    The person show said: "if it itches... scratch it" knew what he was talking about.
    Also, if you don't start scratching, how is your mom going to know the 'sweet spot' where she has to work on? By scratching you are just marking the right place for her mom nails to do their magic.
    Fuzz... go nuts!

  4. How did you ever manage to get yourself into dat position? I'm happy your mama scratched for you cuz I can see it's in a very hard-to-reach spot.