Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Qube

Dear world,
One of my birthday presents was this thing called the IQube. On the box it says it "develops your dog's intelligence and puzzle solving skills". The human is supposed to put it in their dirty laundry to get their scent on it before giving to the dog. OK. So am I supposed to play with it when it smells like dirty laundry? Does that make me intelligent? Or maybe I am supposed to put it in the washing machine? Would that solve a puzzle and declare me intelligent? I think I need to question my Mom's intelligence for buying this.
Love always,


  1. he he- I think you'd better test your human's intelligence too. Seems to be you are the smart one buddy!! (whoops, I'd better bec areful or I'll get in trouble with your mom.)

  2. Bol! Hoomans think of the silliest brainy games for us and the jokes on them!!! I say put it in the washer but dont get caught doing it. Cuz if you do, you may get stuck forever doing the family wash. After all, look at Brian!!! BOL!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  3. Bear, the test is this: if you avoid playing with this toy you will show your mom how smart you are.
    I think you will find out what the goal with this toy is and then you will need to explain it to your mom.

  4. Teehee U haz a pretty good puzzled look abouts u!

    Mehbe you should enter ma Puzzled Pups Contesty u could more toys like dat to confuse u even more. MOL

  5. Rumblemum read this over our shoulder and she's cracking up.

    Humans are way too weird.