Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Ordinary Family Dog

Dear world,
I thnk the TV show Ordinary Family is pretty cool. But why don't they have a dog in their family that also has powers? Maybe I could be that dog. Hmmmm. What power would I have? A super sniffer? Not sure what that would accomplish, other than make me hungry for everything I smell cooking. I think I would want to fly. I know its been done, but I think that would be the most fun. Any other thoughts are welcome. Maybe I can pitch myself to ABC for next season.
Love always,


  1. Go for it bear. Dat family should have a dog in it. I know you'd be hired.

  2. OMD! Maybe you could be a teleporting dog!

  3. I'm watching Ordinary Family! is a very nice show.

    your power would be Super-Cuteness. you will charm your way around bad people and they will become nice just being close to you and they will scratch your head.

    Super-Suggestion power might be another one. I know you are already practicing on that one trying to make Tuesdays "Taco-Tuesdays"... but dad is not listening.