Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Moustache for Me?

Dear world,
Well, I think Mom went too far this time. She wanted to see what I would look like in a moustache. I was sort of hoping for Tom Selleck, but I think I got Pancho Villa. I think this picture demonstrates why dogs aren't supposed to grow moustaches. It has nothing to do with our inability to shave each morning.
Love always,


  1. giggles.. I lyke yoor 'stache Bear! Yoo look dashing. Yoor mom is creative and yoo let her try her ideas owt. Sownds lyke da purrfect match!

  2. UhOh! You look Like a Pirate again! Like Captain Hook!! but No eye Patch! My Oh My Your Mom wakes up & Your back at the photo shoot!! BearBearD You have a Huge job posing!! I say??? No MustachE!! I like the clean Look! Maybe a BEARD?? yep a Beard for you would be awesome!!

  3. ha ha - I think you are right. You are not the mustache type.

  4. I think your mom has too much free time on her hands.
    She needs to find a new hobby :)
    You don't look to "involve" with this mustache thing.
    Is even making you close one eye.
    You still look handsome.

  5. HideyOss moochaco !!!! BOL xxxx 2 funnie Bear

  6. i sawry but u kinda looks like a 70s porn star