Monday, August 9, 2010

Shark Yourself!

Dear world,
Last week was Shark Week. I assume it was the week I was supposed to learn about sharks. So I went to for my shark education and they told me to Shark myself! Cool! They have all sorts of information about sharks which is very interesting (and a little scary). If I ever go back to San Diego and swim in the ocean I will be prepared. Happy belated Shark Week!
Love always,


  1. My daugthter and grandchildren are going to Nags Head, North Carolina for a little trip and I'm kind of leary of them swimming in the ocean.
    Your picture is great. Hope you learned a lot about sharks. We always enjoy your blog.

  2. OH Mai CAT!! Dat iz one skeery pikshur! Yoo cud skeery away lotz of fings lookin lyke dat Bear! Hope yoo lyke lernin abowt sharks!

  3. Oh My - you are too scary as a shark. I like you much better as Bear! he he - dat's a pretty silly picture, but now you know more den me bout sharks.

  4. Yow! MEOW!! Bear! At first all we noticed was that tasty-looking goldfish. But then we saw that scary-looking Creature of the Deep! You should wear that costume for Halloween. Everyone would be so frightened, they would give you ALL their candy!

    You sorta look like Geoff Petersen, too. MOL! Love, RainbowCats