Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hollywood Bear

Dear world,
A few weeks ago I went to a twitter pawpawty. This one was for Holllywood types. So I came up with this outfit. Pretty cool. My sis who lives in West Hollywood , said I looked total Hollywood. So, I would assume that means I look like someone in the biz. A producer, director, actor? So it got me to thinking. Maybe I should go to Hollywood. I could go to a corner drugstore in this garb and maybe be discovered. Or maybe they would think I am already in the biz and I would be invited to parties. The Playboy Mansion perhaps? I would love to see PlayDog Bunnies.
Love always,


  1. You is famous already friend. When is the moving coming out dat you directed?

  2. Youz are the cutest dog Bear.

  3. Yoo lookz so kewl, Bear! Mario iz rite, yoo iz alweady famous!

  4. I think you could be a 'contender'. you look very Marlon Brando with that leather jacket.

  5. Maybe we could do it together and be the Blues Brothers? Hm... that might have already been done...