Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brain stimulation

Dear world,
Did you ever think if you focus in on something really hard that you could actually make it happen. Well, I sort of think about that a lot. I stare at my ball and think what I can do to make it throw itself. Sort of like a Ouija board. Something makes that thing move. So maybe one day my ball will. I tried hard with it the other day, but it didn't happen. But I won't give up on my ball. It may seem seem silly, but at least it is a good activity to keep my brain stimulated when I am bored.
Love always,


  1. What is it about "goldens" and their tennis balls!! Maddie loves her's too and aquite often carries 2 in her mouth at once. No way will she give dem up either!!

  2. You are missing one critical step. Stare at it, then look forlornly at the human, and then back at the ball. Bet the ball gets thrown.

  3. Dat what we do wif a tennis ball and dat all we gonna do wif it. Mom twies so hard 2 getz us to pway fetch. Maybe sum day we will twy & make her soooooo happee. But me not c dat happenin anee time soon. We just weally good at barkin, dat what we b pwacticin right now. U & Fuzz hab a "fetching" day. Later gator. W

  4. wow! I was reading your post and the glass in my table start moving... you really have brain power.

  5. If you had stayed in California,the earth might have moved the ball for you if you had an earthquake!