Friday, August 20, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Hollywood Fuzz

Dear world,
Bear dressed up to go to a Hollywood party, so I did as well. Bear looked so cool. I said OK to the black shirt cause it was soft and cool, and I knew Mom was going to win. I did not want to wear a jacket, I won that battle. I put the shades on for a cookie. Didn't love those either. The tie was OK cause it was like a collar. So now that I am dressed, do you think Bear would take me to Hollywood with him?


  1. Of course Bear wud takes you to Hollywood, you looks like a rill star!

  2. You are one stylin man Fuzzy:)

  3. You are one handsome doggie Fuzz. Glad you dressed up for Hollywood - you want to look your best.

  4. you look ready to party all night.
    and with that smile you will not have problems
    finding dancing partners.

  5. Woo - you are going to get asked for your paw-to-graph a lot.