Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inspired by a Springer

Dear world,
As you know, I am more of a ball dog than a stick dog . But every now and then there comes along a stick high up on the fetch appeal. The other day, I was rolling in some random grass. Then I saw Mom pick up this giant stick and throw it. I had seen a picture of Ducky the Springer retrieve a giant stick. The visual of that inspired me. If a Springer Spaniel can do it, a Golden Retriever certainly can. So off I went to retrieve the stick and bring it back to Mom. Way cool. I still prefer tennis balls though.
P.S. You can see Ducky at
Love always,


  1. First, thanks for the link over to your springer pals. We had not stumbled across their blog yet. Very cool.

    The big question - did mom throw the stick for you to fetch or trying to get rid of it. Just trying to figure out where you were on the helpful scale.

  2. Sticks are the best! The bigger the better!

    We gave Bear an award yesterday, stop by our blog if you would like to accept it, it's your choice if you want to or not, we really enjoy reading your blog:)

  3. I guess your mom has all her shoes she ever bought.
    I can imagine her throwing her old shoes and you bring them back to her.

  4. he he- so happy you discovered sticks can be fun too.

  5. Wow--thanks Bear!!! I am so honored that I inspired you. THANK YOU for the link to my site! You're pawsome, Bear!!