Friday, August 6, 2010

FuzzBuzz: A new blanket

Dear world,
There are definitely some benefits to breaking one's toe. As Bear posted, I get additional and super cool treats. I get new toys. And yesterday, UPS came to the door and in the box a present arrived for me. A new Scooby Doo blanket! Mom felt since I was going to have to rest more, I should have something fun to rest on. I know she means well, so I won't tell her that I like my old worn in blanket better. Anyway, Bear told me that this new blanket is great for pictures, so to make Mom happy, I will lay on it and smile.


  1. AWW!! You got a really good mummy my friend, I hope you're feeling better.

  2. Hope your toe will be better really fast.
    You look really cute laying on your new blanket.

  3. Fuzz!Sprite and I hope your toe gets to feeling better real soon. You have such a great mom and big brofur.

  4. Is nice to be loved and taking care off.
    That blanket is very pretty.
    I'm sure is cool in these summer days, even though the old blanket still feels good.

  5. Cool blanket! Bandit is partial to Toy Story (which is a hand-me-down blanket which originally belonged to our now 16-year-old son and then got passed on to our black lab). Hope your toe is getting better and you're back in action soon!

  6. Boy are you getting spoiled. I kind of feel sorry for Bear. I hope you're sharing your presents with him.

    You know how humans like to kiss boo boos to make them better? Well here's a kitty kiss for your boo boo. Does it feel better now?

  7. Hai Fuzz!@ Yoo gotz a wai kewl blanket! I hope yoo iz feelin better! Hurt toes r no good fur doggies! Dey needz to run owtside! I will gib yoo kitty kisses fur yoor boo boo too! (Hai Pumpkinpuddy!) Nosetaps fur Bear, and I hope hez stayin kewl in dis heet!

  8. Oh My C - dat is a bootiful blankey. Do hope your owie is better Fuzz.