Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Design Star

Dear world,
My Mom loves this show called Design Star on HGTV. On one of the episodes I saw, the designers had to re-purpose furniture. So when I saw a picture of my niece BunnyBell the other day it got me to thinking that she should apply to be on the next Design Star. She took a nightstand and re-purposed it into a bed for herself. How clever! And she is also very artistic. I remember when she walked into the fireplace and then jumped and nested on my Mom's white couch. It made such an interesting pattern. A whole new look for the couch. Yes, she should apply.
Love always,


  1. Did you know we were design stars, too? Serious. Check it out - .

  2. Oh BunnyBell u such a fasion pup, alwayz tink ob sumpin new. W

  3. It looks like a very reclusive bedroom.
    I can see some Feng Shui involve in that design.