Monday, August 16, 2010

The Opener

Dear world,
Mom and I love to watch the TV show The Closer. Kyra Sedgwick is really good as the Deputy Chief and she is the Closer. So I was thinking, if there is a Closer, isn't there a need for an Opener? I thought maybe I could be her Assistant Deputy and open cases for her. And Deputy Brenda has really pretty long golden hair, so it only makes sense that her Assistant Deputy would have pretty long golden fur. Yes. Assistant Deputy Bear: The Opener. Maybe next season?
Love always,


  1. You would make a great Opener Bear! Love the picture:)

  2. You gotz me vote Bear! Me mom LUBS dat show. I think u got a good ting dare. Gotta run, catch ya waiter. Wally

  3. I think you should have your own show but
    yes, you will be a great opener.

  4. Good idea. You'd be very good staring in The Opener. Maybe I could be your side-kick!!

  5. What a perfect role for you. We bet the ratings will soar!