Friday, August 13, 2010

FuzzBuzz: The Fuzzinator

Dear world,
Yesterday my Mom took out this yellow thing that looked sort of like a brush but more like a comb. Bear said uh oh, its the Furminator and dashed into the other room. I thought huh? So Mom came over to me and started brushing me with it. It felt a bit weird, but not so bad. And then I watched as she took clump after clump of my fur off of it and put it in a plastic bag. I thought, maybe she is slowly shaving me? She told me it would help me not shed so much. Well, if it is going to be used on me, I think it should be called a Fuzzinator, dont you?


  1. ha ha- yes - it should be called a Fuzzinator. M trieds to furminate me, but I hate it and give her "dat look" when she starts in. She still manages to get in a coup;le of swipes!!

  2. Fuzzinator makes perfect sense to me.
    Maybe mom is trying to make another dog with all that hair... like a mini-Fuzz.
    I'm sure that your hair now allows for a nice and soft rubbing.

  3. Wehave one of those and I don't like it any better than Bear does. I put the bitey on it and make it hard for mom to furminate me.

  4. I'm wif Pumpkinpuddy when it comes to allowin da furminatin. Put da bitey on it!

  5. I fink it shud be called a Fuzzinator too! Wif all dat extra fur maybe mama cud mayke yoo a pet uv yoor own!

  6. We've been using it for about three years now, and we love our Furminator.

    Works on son's cats too.

  7. My brother Goliath has to be furminated regularly of his furs just pops off his body. You can see the pieces just sitting there, ready to come off.