Sunday, August 15, 2010


Dear world,
I hate getting my nails cut. I get really scared. I wouldn't let a groomer do it.Then Mom took me to the vet. It took the vet and 4 technicians and after I peed on the floor, they finally convinced me it was ok after 45 minutes. So now Mom handles it with PediPaws. I don't like it either. It feels SO weird. Mom says I should just think of it like a nice manicure, except its a pawdicure. Yah right. Well, thankfully she doesn't paint my nails.
Love always,


  1. Aww - poor Bear - HUGS. I don't like getting my nails clipped either. I just don't even understand why the oomans want to do dat to us.

  2. You really uzing dem sad puppy dog eyes in foto. I don't blame you. I hate hafing my claws trimmed.

  3. the presence of the tennis ball doesn't make things better.
    those ears couldn't be any lower and those eyes any sadder.
    maybe one nail one day, one nail the next day, until you feel ok with the process might help.
    who took the picture? Fuzz? :) (I guess dad)

  4. u should c mom try 2 cut Bella's. She hab 2 wrap her in a towel 2 hold 2 paws down at a time. Lola use 2 b hard but now mom tellz her it beauty shop time & she goes 4 it. But after nail cutting dare are wotz ob treats. U getz lotz ob treats 2? Wally

  5. Poor Bear. You look so sad. What can I do to cheer you up?

  6. Stopping by on the blog hop to say hello!
    Don't worry Bear our dogs don't like anyone touching their feet either!

  7. I feel so much better. It only took two groomers at PETCO to do mine yesterday. We used to go somewhere else and they never succeeded with the grinder but even though I screamed like a puppy they managed to make my nails short and neat. The good thing - the shorter they are the longer before I have to go back!