Monday, August 23, 2010

An assignment

Dear world,
Mom left me and Fuzz. Can you believe it? She's not coming back for another week. Ugh! She gave me an assignment while she is away. She said I need to come up with ideas for my blog posts. I also need to help Fuzz come up with FuzzBuzz ideas. And when she comes back, she will help me publish them. She suggested I might want to brainstorm ideas with Fuzz. Brainstorm? Sounds a bit weird. Of course, I am happy to take ideas from my blog readers.
Love always,


  1. first u do an interview wif ur dad, what he wikes about Memphis. Second u do an interview wif da pup next door, how she wikes u & Fuzz as neighbors. Third u interview da pizza delivery person (hint hint). Fourth how Fuzz toe been while workin hard while mom gone. Dare, me give u 4 brainstorm ideas. What u tink? W

  2. I think you need your Dog setters to let you swim a-lot, in this heat you will need the water to keep your brain hydrated so you can think to write. Larry The Basement Guy came by for a visit the other day and we was glad to see him. He is good Dog sitter he brings Puff Corn.

  3. What good boys you are working so hard while your Mom is away! I am sure she will be so very proud of both of you!

    Cat Chat

  4. idea 1: one blog could explain how you and Fuzz managed to sleep in Mom's bed every day.
    idea 2: another could show how you managed to dial the pizza delivery place.
    idea 3: doing a party with all the other dogs from the block
    (that will teach mom not to leave you both alone... the nerves)

    is Dad going to be with you at home?

  5. Looks to me like you have several good ideas given to you already. I hope mom has a good explanation of where she's going for a whole, very long week!!

  6. I think you shud come up wif ideas to get more treats. *nods*

    Dat foto cracked my mum up.

  7. Bear, I do love reading about you and Fuzz, I love it a lot. I read your blog secretly at work. I just wanted to tell you that !

  8. Hey Bear U wears glasses 2, U an fuzz is so intelengent !!!@!

  9. are you two orphans?
    where is mom?
    where is dad? (we need pic as proof)