Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Hoops

Dear world,

The other day I heard about the Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Camp, called Summer Hoops. You get to learn to play basketball from the ground up. Its for boys and girls ages 7-16 of all skill levels. I am an 8 year old boy, so I should qualify. I asked Mom if I could go. She said being a canine likely will disqualify me. Ugh. I'm sure if AirBud applied they would make an exception. Maybe I will say I am AirBear.

Love always,



  1. Never mind what mom says Bears - just get over there. Once you are on the court with the other boys and see your great skills, they are sure to let you play.

  2. Ugh! That's not fair. I always get disqualified too because they fail to mention they are looking for humans. The nerve!

  3. Bear, maybe they know you are much better than them and that's the reason you can't play...

  4. I think you & fuzz should hold protest march if dey not let you join !!! After all who should b better than us dogs at basketball?? I ask you !!