Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hotel Arrival

Dear world,

Since Mom and Dad never came to get us to go to Mexico, I decided to have the vacation in my mind. (I did this back in February for Hawaii and it worked very well.) So I took Fuzz and Rosy along and we went to the Banyan Tree Resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. After checking in, we took an electric boat ride to our villa. Rosy insisted on driving the boat. So Fuzz and I were content to just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Love always,



  1. Wow - that is some boat you are driving there Fuzzy. I bet you can really make that thing zoom too.

  2. Dat pwace lookz beary kewl, Bear! Mama sez she duzznt blame Rosy fur wanting to dwive da boat. She say boyz can be too wild!

  3. You will haz a grate time Bear! Her duz luv teh riveyara maya an sayz it so pritty an relaxing too.

  4. Bear, I don't understand your mom and dad. What kind of vacation can they have without you, Fuzz and Rosy? I think is a was of time :) I'm sure they will pack their bags at any moment and go back with you.

  5. Bear,
    That looks lik so much fun, I want to come with you guys.
    Jake the red tabby.

  6. I bet that's not the first time Rosy's been at the wheel of a boat - ARRRRRRG!