Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Perfect Father's Day Gift

Dear world,

Fuzz, Rosy and I had a long discussion on what to get Dad for Father's Day. Rosy, a typical girl, suggested some fashionable clothing. I said that Dad says he doesn't need any more clothes. Fuzz of course suggested a food gift basket. I reminded him that Dad is trying to watch his weight, so no treats. So we tried to think of something that he really loves, can't buy himself and that we can afford. And we came up with the perfect gift. We gave him quiet time to take a nap!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Love always,



  1. Bear, I'm not sure if he prefers a quite time. There is nothing better than rubbing your dogs chest. That is suppose to be relaxing for the dog and for the person doing it. So, jump on his stomach and allow him to play with you :)

  2. That's a great Father's Day gift and he looks so peaceful in the photo, although in need of a little blanket!

  3. That's a good father's day gift; I spent all morning hunting and got my human a rat, but he didn't seem to appreciated, all he looked at it and said "Good boy Jake" and threw my gift away in the garbage. I'll have to think of something better for next year :-)
    Jake the red tabby