Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Villa spa & soak

Dear world,

There is a lot of water stuff to do at this resort. Besides the beach and the pools, there is extra water activity in our villa. One day I got to go in the spa with Dad. That was cool. Well actually it was hot, too hot, so I got out. I went inside and then stepped to a private place outside for a soak in a giant soaking tub! Fuzz could have fit too, but he had no interest. He was too busy studying the in-villa dining menu.

Love always,



  1. Bear dat pwace lookz terrific! I bet yoor mama n dad had a fabulous time der. It's nyce yoo got to go in yoor mind too. :)

  2. A real nice place for a woofie who likes water. From a fraidy cat, Kassey

  3. Look at that bathtub! I could fit like, a million bunnies in there.

  4. I think your dad is almost "done". Meat might not be that tender considering his age :)
    Bear, that place looks amazing. Enjoy your vacations.