Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fuzz's haircut

Dear world,

Yesterday was Fuzz's haircut day. He was a bit nervous when the Aussie Pet Mobile pulled up and Rosy was no where in site. But he jumped into the truck when bribed with a cookie. And he was totally a good boy for an hour because Mom and Dad were giving him a cookie every two minutes. (Yes, I got some too since I stood by looking like I felt left out.) Anyway, when he jumped out of the truck and made his debut he was very proud. I think he actually looks pretty good. And now he looks more like a Fuzz than a Fuzzy.

Love always,



  1. I fink Fuzz lookz gweat! He shud be beary prowd uv his new look. Groomer did a gweat job! :)

  2. He looks great. You should get one too Bear! Our cats get haircuts, but we don't have a fancy cat mobile drive up here in New York, although we did have one in Chicago. Now we have to put them in the car and leave them somewhere for hours and they hate it.

  3. Well Fuzz - it wasn't so bad now was it? You certainly do look very handsome.

  4. yeap, Fuzz looks very handsome. The hair much more organize. Nice to know it took only 30 cookies. He looks very happy.

  5. Fuzz, you look great and I bet you're going to be a lot more comfortable in the summer heat.