Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swim to Drink

Dear world,

Yet another cool thing about my hotel. After a long day of swimming in the ocean I got very thirsty. So I went over to the pool and swam up to the bar! I didnt get to have a cerveza since I am not old enough to drink. But I did get a nice cold water (purified of course). I wonder why my pool at home doesnt have a swim up bar? Speaking of which, I guess I need to go home soon.

Love always,



  1. Bear dat looks lyke a beary fun pwace in Mexico. My mama went to a pwace wif a bar lyke dat in Guatemala. I don't fink I wud be willing to get in da water. I don't lyke bein wet, unless it's from grooming myself! :)

  2. Bear you iz a doggy who knows how to enjoy life!

  3. Thats what we call living the good life!!

    Boondocks and Kudzu

  4. Bear, I'm glad you brought your dad with you. I'm sure he is having fun and relaxing.
    The bar looks amazing.

    p.s.: I'm back in Montreal :)