Saturday, June 25, 2011

How about a pizza?

Dear world,

Everyone has been asking how I am doing. I am really OK. Of course, I miss Fuzz very much, and I hate seeing my Mom cry and my Dad very sad. I have been trying to cheer them up. I keep bringing them my ball to play with me, which they do, but it doesn't seem to help. I brought Mom her sneaker to take a walk with me. She did, but I don't think that helped either. The way I look at it, Fuzz was always a happy dog. And he would want all of us to be happy. Not that I am going to have a party, but I really think he would approve of ordering pizza. I know that would make me happy.

Love always,



  1. Hi Bear, We are happy you are doing ok. We know you are all sad and send you soft kitty hugs. We think the pizza is a good idea. We have it every Saturday night. It helps humans feel a little better when they are upset. We are glad, Bear, that you are playing with Mom. That really is good for her too.
    Penny and Tippy

  2. You iz so rite Bear, Fuzz wuz a vurry happy doggy an him wudn't want you to be sad an i sure he duz want you to haz pizza! *purrr*

  3. Bear... my sweet friend, I'm so, so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks to read of sweet Fuzz passing. I know he's happy and in the sunshine at the bridge, and that Inigo is with him, playing in the grass.

    My thoughts are with you all.

  4. Bear, I iz happy to heer dat yoo iz doin ok. I know dat itz beary hard fur da hyoomans. My mamas eyes leaked for a month when her last kitty went OTRB. Dey has to come to where dey just remember how much joy we bring to dem, and how happy we are wif dem. I fink pizza iz a gweat idea! Yoo can have a slice for Fuzz. He'd be happy fur yoo to haz pizza! Soft kitten hugs to yoor fambly. Nosetaps to yoo Bear!

  5. Bear, I'm so sad to know your mom is so hurt. The only thing I can think about is that if I was Fuzz and I was offered to live 20 years on his previous home or 1 year with your mom, I will choose to live with your mom 1 year. The continuous entertainment (I'm sure taking some of the pictures is a challenge) and attention and care were precious. I learn to accept Nature's ways. I tried to keep myself as busy as I can when tragedy hits one of my animals (pigeons, groundhogs, ravens). Time heals. All we can do is to give the best life while they are with us. Ask your mom to cuddle with you more than usual.

  6. Hi Bear!!! Keep trying to cheer up your mom and dad. It is so hard on humans when their beloved pets pass. They will be missing Fuzz for a little while, but in time it won't hurt so much. Maybe it would be a good idea for a pizza party!!! luv and woofs @NellieSpringer

  7. We are so sorry to hear Fuzz went to the Bridge and so suddenly. Snening lots of purrs for your family!

  8. OMD, Bear. I TOLD Mom we should have been on that computer more. Then we would have known about Fuzz. We are so very sorry and Mom shed a tear when she read it (well, it was more than one).

    I think I'll just have to go out and have a slice just for you--I'll call it the Bear pizza. Please tell your Mom and Dad that we are hoping Fuzz found our Maggie over the Rainbow Bridge. I just know they will become good friends.

    Your buddy, Sage

  9. You keep up the good work Bear. You are helping your mom n dad more than you know. Hope you got your pizza.

  10. Fuzz would be more than happy for you to eat lots of pizza, I'm sure !! As you say, he was always a happy guy and a generous one're so adorable, Bear.

  11. Mmmm Pizza, my mummy and daddy like Pizza. Hope you got to have some, as when your feeling upset its nice to have something nice to eat. Not that it will make the pain of loosing Fuzz go away.

    Thinking of you my pal and that is a lovely photo of you :).

    Love and Licks Harley x