Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear world,
June has been proclaimed the Great Outdoors Month in the US. So it got me to thinking, maybe I should try camping. When looking through the Orvis Dog catalog, I saw this incredibly cool pop up tent. I asked Mom if she would buy it for me. She said if I want to sleep in the great outdoors, we have a dog house. But I thought that is where Dad is supposed to go when he gets in trouble?

Love always,



  1. he he - we has a "dog house" too and no doggie. That is where the dad's go when they is in trouble. Taht is a pretty fancy tent Bear, I really think your mom should buy it just for your doggies to play in.

  2. yeah, you don't want to go 'camping' in your dog house and find out your dad is already there... is just too crowded, like National Parks during Holidays.

  3. Kewl dog house bear, I luv 2 camp out, I think fuzz & Rosie would like it 2 !!!

  4. grrreat tent! we love camping but we usually sleep with #1 to be warm bol!!

    RA & Isis

  5. Camping is one of my favorite things. You need that tent so you can go camping too! The great outdoors in a doghouse--with or without dad in it--is just not the same as tent camping.

  6. That coloured tent totally suits you. You could pack it up and nip over for Glastonbury !!