Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dental Buffet

Dear world,
In the midst of our family sadness, Rosy had a teeth cleaning appointment. Rosy came back from the vet with very sparkling whites, but 5 less of them! She had to have 5 teeth pulled! But don't worry about Rosy, she is milking this one good. First she had Mom serving her meals in bed. And since Mom didn't know what Rosy would eat, she prepared Rosy a buffet! Freshly cooked chicken, chicken soup, her fav canned food and even cream cheese balls for her meds! I get dental work next month. I am going to request a buffet as well.

Love always,



  1. LOL! That's the way to go, Bear. A buffet sounds delish, and I'd like to order one for myself...it's the Dental part of it that gives me pause (or in our case, pawz!) Glad Rosy is feeling better. Luv and woofs @NellieSpringer

  2. Awww Rosy, we hope your mouth not hurting. But you have such a great mom to prepare you a buffet. Not many doggies have moms that would do that. You are one lucky pup. Purrwoof! to you. And Hi to Bear, Mom and Dad. Sending hugs to all.
    Penny and Tippy

  3. Yoor Mom is such a good Mama! Rosy is beary lucky to haz a buffay but I wuddnt wanna haz teef pulled to get it. Yuck! She looks pwetty happy wif all her bols, I haz to say. Kitteh nose taps, Bear!

  4. Rosy looks like she's enjoying the buffet; hope her mouth didn't hurt too much.
    Jake the red tabby

  5. I doubt Rosy will lose more teeth. She is eating very well and balanced with your mom.
    Rosy is small and that buffet looks appropriate for her small frame. In your case, after you go to the dentist, it should be tacos, pizza, fried chicken and steak.

  6. Now I'm going to have to make a buffet for Sammi after she gets her teeth cleaned. You set the bar pretty high Rosie. I'm glad your remaining teeth are all healthy now.

  7. That is such a good idea,will show to mom when I have to go to vet in Sept, mom still miss's Misty my sis tooo, but she would want us to be happy also, hmmm want a buffet everyday... love Taffy

  8. Did she lose her little bottom ones ? My girl lost all those a few years ago too and she's not missed them in the least-LOL !!!

  9. Mmm that looks like a nice buffet, shame you didn't get any. Did she give you a treat so you didn't feel left out my pal?

    Sorry to hear she had to loose some of her teeth but hope she is doing OK now. My mummy had dental work and my mummy was in pain for weeks, even when they took the tooth out so I know its painful. I hopes I never has to have dental work [paws over eyes].

    Hope your dental work goes OK my pal and it doesn't hurt. Make sure mummy gives you a buffet too, as its only fair [Grins].

    Love and Licks Harley x