Saturday, June 18, 2011

BunnyBell does NYC

Dear world,

This past week, my niece BunnyBell stayed in the Carlton Hotel in New York City with her friend Simba (and their respective Moms Sydne and Shauna). The hotel partnered with Animal Planet to offer a Pamper Your Pet Package. So of course BunnyBell and Simba, both who are used to being pampered, had to get the package. So when they arrived in their room there was a dog bed, dog blanket, dog bowls with placemat and cookies. They even got an indoor dog house! Their Moms got a list of NYC dog pampering activities like masseuses, groomers, and shopping places. And people think I'm spoiled?

Love always,



  1. Oh my...they are spoiled! But that sounds fabulous and very Manhattan.

  2. This is amazing - and we love NYC things! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I recognize BunnyBell but the one in the right... is he from that planet that had the furry creatures? :)
    is nice being spoiled.