Sunday, May 1, 2011

RosyReport: Los Angeles Perspective

Dear world,

Los Angeles is a BIG city, especially from my perspective.. a 12 lb Southern small town poodle. Anyway, when I arrived at LAX and drove to our hotel, I was a bit freaked at all the noise and cars, buildings and people. My Mom said "you're not in Memphis anymore Toto." Had no idea why she called me Toto. Anyway, in the room of our hotel I overlooked the Hollywood Hills. I have never been so high up and saw so much stuff! It was all a bit too scary. But I have to be brave if I want a chance to be discovered.

Reporting from Los Angeles,



  1. You will be discovered sweetie. All it takes is the right agent to find you. Just strut your stuff down Hollywood Boulevard and the right agent is sure to see you.

  2. "never been so high up and saw so much stuff"... Gandhi said something similar on his movie before his march to the sea to 'make salt'.
    It must be overwhelming for a little dog to be in the middle of so much noise. But from that window all dangers seems very far away so I guess you should be ok.

  3. Rosy der is so mutch to see owt dat window. I bet yoo iz going to be habin a ton uv adbentures. I fink I wud be beary timid wif all dat noize n stuffs too. I lub yoor reports from el lay!