Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama visit

Dear world,

Last night I heard on the news that President Obama was coming to Memphis next week. He is going to give the commencement address for Booker T. Washington High School. I assumed I would not be allowed to go. So I guess that is what led to my dream last night. It seemed so real. There I was with Fuzz having a private chat with the President. I was lobbying for dog access rights, like being allowed into the auditorium to hear him speak, or into the FedEx Forum to watch the Grizzlies play. Fuzz asked him about the economy. That is when I knew it was a dream and woke up.

Love always,



  1. Bear I iz so happy that you haz a dream! MOL

  2. Bear, I love this pic. Looks very real. Then add how funny the your post is ("That is when I knew it was a dream") and this is one of your best posts.

  3. Sweet Bear, sometimes dreams are better than life.
    Mom loves this picture, looks real.
    xoxox Kassey

  4. It would be nice for you to get to go to the Fed Ex Forum and watch a Grizzlies game, but even us humans sometimes have trouble getting tickets. We'll just have to watch the games on TV. Go Grizz!


  5. Way cool! You meet the Pres! He is cool dude he even tweets!