Friday, May 20, 2011

FuzzBuzz: Autogyro

Dear world,
Bear and I are always discussing how we dont get to see the world since we are BIG dogs. So I suggested to Bear that we rent an Autogyro. He thought it was an interesting idea. I told him since I thought of it, I would be the pilot. He said we would take turns but I could go first. I thought that was fair. He told me to do some more research on the viability of our venture and report back to him. Off to my assignment.




  1. Fuzzy,
    You and Bear look so cute....
    Jake the red tabby

  2. Fuzz dat lookz so fun. Yoo n Bear look so good in dat contrapshun. Better mayke shur yoo lern how to fly dat fing, yoo wants to be safe.