Friday, May 6, 2011

RosyReport: Beach sports

Dear world,

Before I left for California, Bear strongly recommended playing in the ocean. So I took his bark for it and I let my Mom take me in. Can he spell FREEZING! And does he not understand waves for a 12 lb dog? Hello? Well, that is not happening again. The ocean can touch my feet but that is about it. However, I don't know why he did not tell me about bird chasing. Now that is a fabulous beach sport!

Reporting from Del Mar Beach,



  1. Rosy, Bear forgot to mentioned he is part fish :)
    Nice to see the ocean where Bear took so many pictures... of himself

  2. Rosy yoo lookz lyke yoo iz habin a gweat tyme. Yoo'll get used to da beech.

  3. That's a splendid catch in the 2nd picture-all that lovely space you have !!!

  4. Watch out - those seagulls might take you off in a pack 'cause you're so CUTE!