Thursday, May 26, 2011

Botanic Garden

Dear world,

I really love flowers. I think they are so pretty to look at and sniff. I wish I could go to the Memphis Botanic Garden. It's supposed to be one of the best in the US -96 acres with 23 gardens. They even have a kids garden called My Big Backyard that offers a place for jumping, splashing, digging, creating and discovering the joys of time spent outdoors. Now that sounds absolutely perfect for me. But as usual, I , a dog, am not allowed to enjoy. I just don't get it. How am I supposed to become a well rounded cultured canine if I am not allowed into any of these educational venues?.

Love always,



  1. maybe the people in charge don't want humans having contact with dogs... I thought half the population already had dogs. Silly people.

  2. Dear Bear,

    On behalf of the Garden, we would like to invite you to visit us on August 7 for our first-ever Dog Days event! We'll have a pet parade, vendors with goodies that you'll love, and folks with information that will help you (and your humans) become well-rounded in the canine department.

    As for daily visits, many of your canine counterparts are not very respectful of garden beds and plants, so we have to be cautious and limit our admission to human visitors. I'm glad to hear that you are pursuing cultural wishes to you from the Botanic Garden staff!

    Jana Wilson
    Memphis Botanic Garden

  3. Bear, that's amazing! you are going in! You are such a well behave dog and I'm sure you well impress the Garden's staff.
    Maybe people with dogs could pay a couple of dollars to go in and create a fund that will be use to "repair" anything that a naughty dog manages to damage.

  4. Bear,

    I am so impress that you are going to the garden; I know you will behave well and do your parents proud.

    Jake the red tabby.