Thursday, May 5, 2011

RosyReport: Blogging in Del Mar

Dear world,
After a two hour drive south from Los Angeles, we arrived in Del Mar. Mom told me this is where Bear used to live. Wow, it is so pretty! Then she showed me dog beach. All the dogs get to run and play off leash and go in the ocean. Another wow. She said we will be going to the beach soon. I am very excited. Not sure about the ocean though. We'll see. This is such an inspirational place to blog! No wonder this is where Bear started blogging!

Reporting from Del Mar,


  1. me mom say u bwery lucky 2b there. she use 2go dare all da time & misses itso much. wish she would take me dare sumtime. Lub, Wally

  2. Its so bewtymouse there Rosie, I can see youz in yer ellamint. Iz bet Bear wishez he wuz there too cuz him misses da beach.

  3. Rosy, you look very pretty while blogging. Is nice to see you in the same places where Bear used to be. Very nice place.

  4. Rosy yoo iz beary lucky to be able to see whare Bear used to live. Yoo can discuss dat when yoo get home. It lookz beautiful der. Yoo seen to be habin a gweat vacashun!

  5. I just love that second shot, Rosy X