Monday, May 2, 2011

RosyReport: Beverly Hills Shopping

Dear world,
First note, that the only shopping I have ever experienced was my at my local pet store and PETCO. So I was a bit overwhelmed when Mom and Sydne took me to Beverly Hills. We went into this big fancy store. I thought it was a giant multi-story closet (much better than my Mom's for tornado warnings). I met Elgin, the "feel good style guru". I thought he would show me to the pet department but there was none. What's with that? Then we went to see Rodeo Drive. I tried my fanciest pose, again, in hopes of getting discovered.

Reporting from Beverly Hills,


P.S. Elgin has a blog too....


  1. WOW - that's almost overwhelming - all that ellagance. Rosie - it's really not a very good store if they don't have a pet department.

  2. Iz happy you iz having fun on your trip Rosie. Iz sure you iz going to be diskuvrd acuz you iz so stylish an talented!

  3. Rosy yoo iz gonna be one spoiled pampered pooch when yoo iz all done wif all dat glitz n glamour! Rodeo Drive no less, and yoo gotz to go in dat store n sit on da sofa and pose. Dat wuz pawsome! I don't know why dey duzznt haz a pet department. Don't dey know datz da most important deparment?! Lookz lyke you gets to haz fun wif Sydney too. Dat prolly da best part. Yooz a gweat reporter, little Rosy!

  4. that's amazing. you are rubbing elbows with the rich.
    Rosy, I remind you that you were discovered by mom....

  5. Rosy,
    I wish I were there, very jealous...
    Jake the red tabby

  6. So neat to see you there in all those fancy places !!

  7. The stores may be fancy but why don't they have a pet department? They're missin out on lot's of sales. Just think of all the cute outfits you could have modeled for them. They don't know what their missin.