Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Graduate

Dear world,

This weekend my human bro graduates from college! Humans make graduation such a big deal that it got me to thinking. What must it feel like to be a graduate? I guess it must be a big feeling of accomplishment. And a relief that there is no more homework. And I guess it means that you will soon be leaving home to be on your own. Leaving home? No, I don't want to graduate.

Congratulations Graduates!

Love always,



  1. Bear you iz so intellijent alreddy you iz smart enuff to now you duzn't want to leave home. Concats to your bro, I sure you will halp him celebrayt!

  2. Bear, you are to smart to go and study. You could be a teacher: "how to catch a tennis ball", "know your bacon", "how to wiggle in style",...
    Congratulations to your human brother. I bet you have a proud mom and dad.

  3. That is a momentous event for your hu-bro! Congratulations to him, but you are smart. You can continue to be a professional student, then you don't have to leave home!!

  4. Congratulations to the human bro. A terrific accomplishment!

    (Our hu-dad tells people we are just kids without the college fund)

  5. Congrats 2 urs bro!! But I think u has da right idear bear leaving home is fur da boirds !!!

  6. We hope he has a super celebratory weekend and you're looking very, very splosheroo yourself X