Saturday, May 7, 2011

RosyReport: Fetch!

Dear world,

I changed my mind. Well it is a woman's prerogative you know. I don't mind the water at all. In fact I had a blast yesterday at the beach. Mom threw a tennis ball and that is when I felt the Bear in me. I ran right after it and played fetch until I was exhausted. I even went in the water when there were waves over the ball! Bear was right. The beach is great, even though it requires an immediate bath at days end. I just wish Bear could be with me.

Reporting from Del Mar Dog Beach,



  1. Yes Rosy it is OUR right to change our minds! You look so naturally happy playing at the beach!!!

  2. Wimmin alwayze change der minds. My sisfurs are alwayze doin dat. Glad u haz fun at da beech! I nawt fink I wud lyke water, but happy fur yoo, Rosy. (Yoo do look lyke yoo iz impersonating Bear wif da ball in yoor mouf) :)

  3. Rosy, you have sand in your nose. That can only mean one thing: you are having a great time. You are now officially Bear-ish

  4. That looks like SO much fun I wanna go to the beach!!

  5. Looks like great fun,I bet uz can give bear a run for hims money now!!!