Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear world,

One of my favorite stories is Pinocchio. I can so relate to him wanting to be a boy. In order to become a boy, Pinocchio had to be Brave, truthful and unselfish. Well, I never lie so I wouldn't have a nose growing problem. That's good. And I think as I have matured I have become unselfish. For instance, even though I was here first, I share my toys and my Mommy with Fuzz & Rosy. So that brings me to brave. I have always been known as a "sensitive guy" because a lot of things make me very anxious and scared. Visits to the vet for example. And those tornadoes don't bring out the bravery in me. OK, so I still have work to do before I am Bearnoccio.

Love always,



  1. You are very brave Bear and are a great Pinoochio. he he - your picture is making us smile too.

  2. Bear, I think you are already brave. You are calming down your mom when you are in the closet after those tornadoes warnings. She would be scare if you were not there. Beside everybody is scare of tornadoes so you are normal.

  3. Bear, you make a great Bearnoccio, no matter what! I'd be in a closet too if a tornado was coming. Yowzie....

  4. Hey bear, deez torpedos is summing 2 b ascared of, uz da man!!

  5. yup we can all work on the brave part together.
    Storms are scary enough but when they tornado storms, then we have the right to be extra scared!!!