Monday, April 25, 2011

We Believe!

Dear world,
I am so happy. My hometown team, the Memphis Grizzlies, is in the playoffs and doing great. We watched the first two games at home and Mom and Dad were clapping and yelling. Mom cried after they won the first game! She is so weird. Mom & Dad went to the game and watched them win in the FedExForum on Saturday night . Fuzz, Rosy & I will be watching at home tonight with Mom. She was supposed to go but ended up she wasn't allowed (Dad had to go with business people). Now she knows how I feel! Anyway, we will all be rooting for the Grizzlies tonight from home! I hope Mom cries cause that will mean they have won!

We believe! Go Grizz!

Love always,



  1. I think some of their biggest fans are you, Bear, and Fuzz and Rosy!! I think they should give you box seats--then you can take your Mom and Dad!!

  2. I'll keep my paws crossed that they win pal. he he - yes oomans are weird, but we loves them dat way.

  3. Bear, this picture should be the official poster for your team.
    Your mom can't go because is business? What happened to the "your business is my business" rule that every married couple has? Your dad looks very guilty ;)
    How will you know if the team losses? you mom is going to cry either way...

  4. That is dedication for sure! Go Grizz!

  5. Yoo guyz make sutch gweat cheer leeders! Dey shud let yoo be at da games cheering.

  6. Its the 4th quarter and it's looking good for our Grizzlies right now, Bear!!!! Keep on cheering :)


  7. We hope they won. Mom tried to visit today, but her puter hung up.
    She thinks you woofies are cute. And she hopes you all stay safe during the stormy weather coming. We are following you here.
    xo Kassey

  8. The Grizzlies played a great game and WON big time 104 to 86. And YES my Mom cried!
    Love my Grizz!

  9. You're all so very, very good posing so beautifully !!