Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Dream

Dear world, Last night I had the most exciting dream. I dreamt that I received an invitation to the Royal Wedding! When I looked at my watch (I was wearing a Rolex in my dream), I realized I had hardly any time to get to London. But low and behold, a limo took me to a private high speed jet and I arrived at Westminster Abbey just in time. But then I realized that I forgot to put on proper clothes and I just arrived in my fur. And without a gift! My dream turned into a nightmare, and I woke up. Oh well, I guess I'll watch it on TV like everyone else.

Love always,



  1. We're awake and watching. Can't wait to see how they look. Apparently Will is wearing red and not the dark grey RAF uniform which is a shame, though......

  2. He he - I had the same dream - well, mine was the day before actually. Too bad we couldn't be there for real.

  3. My mama watched on tv. I wuddnt want to be der. Too many scary hyoomans fur me. Was happy to get cuddles early when mama got up early! :) Dat bride hyooman did look pwetty though.

  4. I just love seeing a dog with his head in a cushion. :)

    I still have to watch the recording I made of the wedding ;)