Saturday, April 23, 2011

FuzzBuzz: Easter Eggs

Dear world,
Yesterday, we made Easter eggs. I was excited until I found out we weren't going to eat the eggs. I did participate, but kept falling asleep waiting for the eggs to be the color I wanted. We put all the eggs in one basket. (I heard that is not a good thing to do.) Anyway, Bear decided to stand watch over the eggs to make sure I didn't eat them. Mom promised food would be in the Easter activities tomorrow.




  1. Such cute pictures!!! You are so good to stand guard over those colorful eggs and not try to chomp any! Have a wonderful Easter tomorrow!

  2. Yoor mama is so nyce to share eberyfing wif yoo guyz. Yoo are all so cute wif yoor bunny ears. Bear, yoor tennis ball lookz lyke one uv da eggs. Lookz lyke yoor eester iz gonna be fun. Happy Eester!

  3. Fuzzy, funny how I look at the picture and thought you were looking very sleepy, and your post talks about that.
    Bear is a very good dog guard.
    That basket (don't put all the eggs there) looks like there would be tons of fun later on.

  4. You Three are Way To funny in This Blog with eggs. Bear I Think is watching The egss in case they Hatch into Chicks ;)Nope Fuzz You should never Put all your eggs in ONE Basket? Hmmmm? I don't know all the reasons why but ONE thought is.. If The Basket Drops ALL the eggs can break..That's one reason you don't put ALL your eggs in ONE basket !! Happy Easter Bear,Fuzz & Rosy...

  5. you looks sweet in teh bunny earz. Hoppy Easter!

  6. Your eggs are lovely and you all make splendid little bunnies too. Happy Easter XX

  7. you guys are too cute for words..