Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Dear world,

The other day Mom said we are ready to plant flowers. So I went outside with my watering can to help. I thought the flowers were so pretty. Mom told me they were called impatients. I told her we better hurry up and plant them all since they are impatient. I hope they are also impatient about growing. But I will wait patiently to watch them grow.

Love always,



  1. Impatient Impatients! He he- they will be so bootiful when they grow up.

  2. you went out with your watering can? don't you need your bladder only? :)
    btw, I concluded some time ago that you won't pose for pictures if the tennis ball is not present :) good thinking

  3. Whata golden goldie :0) Excited to see another pic once the Impatients are all planted!

  4. Bear yoo iz sutch a helpful doggie. I fink it was beary nyce uv yoo to bring yoor water can to help. Yoor flowers will be beary pwetty when dey r done growing.

  5. I like you kept your ball handy in case you got bored !!