Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gentleman Dog Bed

Dear world,

A few weeks ago, Rosy got a new bed. It is a dog showing its teeth, (very appropriate for Rosy). She really liked it. But yesterday Fuzz picked it up and carried it to the other room,. Rosy got mad and called the bed a traitor. The punishment for that was a major lashing. I don't know why the dog bed didn't try to defend itself. It has teeth. I guess it is a gentleman dog bed and doesn't fight with girls.

Love always,



  1. I thought we were the only household with doggie bed drama!

  2. I think Rosy is fighting with Fuzz's odor.
    What's wrong with Fuzz? That bed is pink.
    poor bed... it doesn't stand a chance.

  3. OMC! MOL hehehe Maybe you is right, the doggie bed might has been pleading wif her instead of fighting back. I hopes she has forgiven the doggie bed.


  4. Aww dat a cute doggie bed. Maybe Rosy wants doggie bed to stay where it was b4 Fuzz moved it for her. She'z a gurl after all n dey r picky!

  5. Teeheehee-superb bed. I have toys like that I bought the Minkies of those funny baring teeth dogs !! They're long like draught excluders. I'd love one of the beds !!