Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Bear

Dear world,

Mom got me a present for Earth Day. It is a bear that gets green from Moss and Ivy. She said it is a gift in recognition of my conscientiousness about the environment. So we are going to put this in a prominent place in the house. That way, everyone will be reminded to be nice to the earth. I will take very good care of my Earth bear.

Happy Earth Day!

Be Kind to Earth Everyday!

Love always,



  1. you are such a good dog. I wish people around the World thought exactly like you and protected Earth much more. Your present looks exactly like you :)

  2. Bear I lyke yoor bear, it iz beary cute. I fink hyoomans shud be nicer to da earf. It need tender loving care so dat it can continue to grow and provide fur all uv us. Happy Earf Day!

  3. The Earth Bear is cute, but You're just so handsome and photogenic.

  4. That's such a very sweet gift for you.