Friday, April 15, 2011

FuzzBuzz: Gardening

Dear world,

Mom thought it would be nice if Bear and I did our own Spring gardening. So she bought us a bunch of little grow kits. I discussed with Bear how we should split them. I told Bear that since the basil, parsley and tomatoes are edible those should be mine. He can have all the flowers. He said it is a deal. However, if I start selling my crops, he wants some of the proceeds. I told him the same is true for his flowers. We shook paws on 20%. We are such endogeneurs! (I think I got the better deal.)




  1. Fuzz, I agree with Bear having the flowers. He is such a romantic.
    I can see that you are capable of closing a deal.

  2. I fink yoo getz da better deal too, Fuzz. Bear will lyke smelling da flowers tho, and maybe yoo will share yoor edibles. :) Good job negosheating, Fuzz!

  3. Now you both are quite the enterprizing businessmen! Good job guys.

  4. What a lovely idea ! I planted a rose this year on my Sparky's anniversary (:() called little White Pet.