Friday, April 8, 2011

FuzzBuzz: Protect Rosy

Dear world,

A while ago, Bear did a post about Bear and Hank some of our dog friends in the neighborhood. Well now Bear has a crush on Rosy. (Bear of Bear and Hank. Not my brother Bear.) Anyway, Rosy is my sister. And even though she doesn't like me, I need to play the role of a big brother and protect her. So when Bear went over to Rosy and started whispering, I wanted to let Bear know not to get fresh with my sister. So I put my mark on his fence. No one messes with Fuzz's sister!




  1. I'm not a canine but I'll say this... I think that fence is yours Fuzz.

  2. Fuzz datz so sweet dat ur lookin owt fur yoor sisfur eben if she duzznt act lyke she lykes yoo. Maybe she'll start to come around!

  3. Bol dAts da way fuzzy u keep em line hee hee

  4. Aw, you such a good brofur! :)