Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Bug and a Frog

Dear world,

Since it is Spring, lots of critters come out. So Fuzz and I decided to put our critter caps on. Fuzz did not want to be a bug because he was afraid he would be eaten or exterminated. But I told him a lady bug is lucky and everyone likes them. He said he was a boy, and did not want to be a ladybug. So I put on the ladybug, but I am a laddiebug. Fuzz was then the frog. I told him to watch out for his legs.

Love always,



  1. MOL - yikes! And nutty peeple trying to lick him! You got the better end of the deal.

  2. this is too cute! do they hvae any other costumes?

  3. Two Grad Students and a Pittie, yoo must be new here. Dey haz TONS uv costumes!

    Bear yoo iz so considerate to let Fuzz hab da hat he wants. Yoo iz a beary gud big brofuf.

    Glad yoo guyz iz ok. We hadda go in da closet last nite too. We didn't lyke dat. Big sisfur, India hid under da bed, and mama cuddnt get her owt uv der.

  4. Yup.Tikka is right.You can scroll thru the blog and there has to be at least 1 costume per week over the last year. Mom thinks its a great way for us to use our imaginations!

  5. Usually Bear and Fuzz are in each picture but today I only see 2 bugs :)