Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small dog discrimination

Dear world,
The town that I live in is so nice. It not only has water fountains for humans, it has water fountains for dogs. Placement works really well for me. This fountain is just about after we have walked a mile and a half. So I can quench my thirst at the same time as my mom. But I got to thinking today. What about small dogs? What do they do? There is no way they can reach. I think that may be discriminatory. I wonder if they will sue.
Love always,


  1. Well maybe the person walking the little dogs can pick them up and help them. Would be hard for them to do that with us big dogs.

  2. Maybe we should start a small PETition for these little dogs. :)

  3. Very nice indeed :o) We have those in the dog parks. But I never use it cuz I'm so picky. So mom has to carry a bowl and water all the time.

  4. Bear, I can see that you have manners while you drink your water. you look very happy.