Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Show Dog

Dear world,
I was thinking about what it must be like to be a show dog. I guess you have to be bathed a lot and brushed a lot. OK. I guess I can deal with that, (except if the Furminator was involved). But the teeth cleaning and nail clipping, I would not be a fan of. And if I didn't win all the time, I would probably start having a major inferiority complex and need to start going into therapy. I don't think I want to be a show dog.
Good luck to all the show dogs. I think you are all winners!
Love always,


  1. In Westminster you need to win to be happy.
    If you are a Lab and your humans love you very much and walk you often, you are already happy.

    Fernando1958 from Montreal

  2. Oh,only the hoomins need to win to be happy, most show dogs love showing off their stuff. Especially if they are happy dogs to start with!

    And besides any happy dog is a winner! So I'm sure you get a Gold Medal every day!