Wednesday, February 17, 2010

$250K dog house?

Dear world,
I got to thinking today about the price of real estate. When we walk on one part of the beach we pass these houses with direct access to the sand. Some are even directly on dog beach! I asked my mom why we can't live there. She told me those houses cost at least $10 Million. Wow! So I asked her how much would just a dog house cost. She said based on the price per square foot, a dog house in my size would probably be at least $250,000! Oh. Do you think I could get a mortgage?
Love always,


  1. I bet those houses don't have an adorable Golden Retriever as you are. Give a $100,000 house with a dog and a cat inside and I'll be very happy.

    Fernando1958 from Montreal

  2. Yeah,but look at it this way. You get to go to the beach there without buying the house!

    Just think how busy your house would be if all those folks walked to your backyard.

    Much better to keep the home you've got and just visit the beach!