Monday, February 8, 2010

Cowboy Casanova

Dear world,
When we learned we were moving to Tennessee, my Mom decided that she needed to like country music. So she turned her dial to New Country FM and that is what we listen to in the car all the time. I really don't mind it, there are some very interesting songs, but some are very sad. But now, my mom loves the music and knows many of the songs. So she has started singing along. And let me tell you, she is no Carrie Underwood. I need to find ear plugs.
Love always,


  1. your mom seems like a candidate for American Idol... Simon will tell her the truth :)

    Fernando from Montreal

  2. You are looking like a real cowboy in dat hat and bandana. Let us know when mama gets on the Grand Ole Opery or American Idol!

  3. BOL BOL you look grrrrrrreat! *woof*
    You guys moving to TN?

  4. Mol @ Fernando! Oh yes, Simon can be quite a sun of the beach, but not to us! We phinx Simon is cute! MOL!

    Shiva & Jaya